ZOOMFAB is know for its user friendliness and practicality. To make it even more useful, we are introducing new unique feature to help the business owner(s) and  managers, to better understand previous week’s production performance and  presenting them with automated reporting tool showing the most critical data. 

Every Monday morning, ZOOMFAB system will automatically forward an analysis report to the administrator assigned user email addresses.

Report includes:

  • global facility production-related data for the previous week including budgeted and actual production hours, revenue and profit, work centers which are underutilized or running at loss, machines with late maintenance, total current asset value, current value of outstanding finance, energy consumption, energy losses due to the machine idling and more.
  • individual work center performance (budgeted and actual production hours, revenue and profit, spare capacity, utilization trend, OEE, TEEP, etc.
  • analysis and trends of factors contributing to the loss of production timewer
  •  of production timewer