Spending 1 to 2 million on a new laser cutting system can certainly inject some anxiety into your life.

What if your anxiety could be removed? Not by giving you the money, haha! But by giving you the cold hard facts about what your business needs, what it can afford, which equipment is the right choice and how to make accurate decisions on new purchases and their timing.

How? Not by giving a personal opinion after spending hours and hours poring over your reports and then give you a huge bill. Business is tough enough at the moment. Making accurate and smart business decisions and being able to sleep soundly go hand in hand.

Studies show that 20 to 35% of every dollar spent in manufacturing is wasted (Anna-Katrina Shedletsky / Forbes). The reason? Investments are made often on gut feel, not facts.

ZOOMFAB is a unique tool, which provides the facts you need to not only run your business, but to invest correctly. It tells you how well you have invested so far, which equipment was the right choice and what should be your next machine.

View machine utilization efficiency, wasted capacity during setups, maintenance, repairs, true measured cost of electricity and cutting gas when your machine is cutting, idling or on standby, plus so much more. Model disposal or purchase of various machines to see how it will impact on your business. It’s quick, easy and fun! And will save you heaps and heaps of money, time and anxiety.

Make decisions from facts. Not feel.