Z powrotem


I have no doubt, that if you have a sheetmetal or machining job-shop, you have been looking for the answer to this question for years, and probably still are… 


When we consider that company overheads and expenses are within the budget, then there are two areas where profit slips between your fingers. First, it is accuracy of your quoting. The second one is productivity at which your products are made. It is not enough to make a single part in an estimated time. The issue of productivity and machine utilization can have, and often has, a much greater impact on your profit. When your machines are not utilized as planned, your hourly rates are no longer valid and regardless of how accurate your quotes are, your profit has gone. 


MRP and ERP systems provide the user with retrospective job-costing and monthly accounts as a means of analyzing business performance. As individual job data is collected from the shop floor manually, it is inaccurate and unreliable, falling well short of what is needed to understand productivity. 


ZOOMFAB is an ideal partner to your MRP or ERP system. It allows you to visualize in real-time the status of individual machines, their up-to-the-minute production efficiency, utilization, revenue and profitability. ZOOMFAB shows you exactly which work centers are making or losing money and gives you the tools to manage and improve the situation.