date: May 9, 2020

It was at that time when we had just finished installation of ZOOMFAB® at OMR Spa, one of the largest Italian automotive component manufacturers in Remedello (Lombardy) and at Belia Sarl, sheetmetal fabricator in San Giorgio in Bosco (Veneto), when hardly anybody spoke about the virus. 


date: Apr 30, 2020

Machine operators and other factory workers know their workplace very well and they will easily notice even the smallest changes in their working environment. So when ZOOMFAB technicians open the machine cabinets and start installing the IoT sensors, employees usually rise their eyebrows in discomfort.


date: Apr 30, 2020

Anyone who you ask for a definition on this subject will give you a complex and ambiguous answer which often lacks a simple and clear explanation of what this entails and what are the benefits to a metal fabricating job-shop like yours. 

OODA loop

date: Apr 30, 2020

If you are engaged in manufacturing, you very likely already know about Material resources planning (MRP), Enterprise resource planning (ERP), Manufacturing executions system (MES), Manufacturing operations management (MOM), Overall equipment efficiency (OEE), Key performance indicator (KPI) and other terms. But have you heard about OODA loop and its role in manufacturing?