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New sensors

Hardware development is an integral part of our R&D activities. In 2020 we created a number of new devices which include an advanced laser scanner for press brake monitoring, true cutting gas flow and consumption measuring monitoring system and remote extended data collection system. ZOOMFAB®’s objective is to use monitoring devices which do not connect to machine controllers. They are quick to install, don’t compromise machine security, require no additional hardware, are cost effective and affordable.


Monitoring more sheetmetal machinery

In addition to our ability to monitor practically all machinery made by Trumpf, Mitsubishi, Murata, Bystronic, Prima-Power and other major manufacturers, we are constantly adding more and more on our list of equipment which we can monitor. The latest includes RAS panel benders, AMADA, SAFAN and SCHIAVI bending cells with tool changers and robots. We also expanded the range of press brakes with the latest inclusion of Safan-Darley, RPC, CoastOne, Durma and Baykal. Our non-invasive monitoring of welding machines cover almost every brand from Fronius to Miller, new or old. 


Other important improvements

  • Monitoring data for machines that are performing cycling operations (press brakes, rivetters, presses) now show number of cycles.
  • To determine operation hourly rate, user can now choose between original purchase price and current replacement value for each machine.
  • User can now manually define the order in which work centers are displayed in Factory module and on the dashboard.
  • Automatically calculate gas consumption for powder coating batch ovens based on their ON time.
  • Automatically create Operations for individual Work centers.
  • Added an option to control if financial information should be included in asset reports.
  • Monitoring data exports has been improved by providing more comprehensive hourly data.