Want to avoid “Volkswagen syndrome”? Know what your laser cutting machine REALLY consumes and how it compares to manufacturer’s specifications or other machines? You will be surprised.

And if you are currently using single rate for all laser cutting, you can finally create different rates for different materials, as differences could be substantial, especially if you are using high pressure cutting with nitrogen gas. ZOOMFAB will calculate your precise hourly rate and tell you if this rate is maintained during the year, or if you are unknowingly sticking money to some jobs…

Know the instant gas flow and understand what exactly your individual laser cutting machines consume when they are cutting and idling, or if you have leaks when your machines are on standby. Watch the impact on gas consumption when your operator uses incorrect nozzle size or cutting head height.

ZOOMFAB’s also provides daily, weekly and monthly analytics showing you consumption, cost of gas and trends.  

Time to buy another machine? ZOOMFAB will give you comprehensive information about electricity and cutting gas consumption, together with cost of maintenance and reliability, so you can select your new machine with confidence.