Evaluating past and present, planning for the future

Hourly rates reserves competitiveness

In the highly competitive sheet metal fabrication industry, knowledge is the foundation of success. Specifically, it's important to know exactly what it costs to provide your services so that you can set prices and discounts appropriately. This information, known as budgeted hourly rates, delivers net profit, so you always know where you stand. ZOOMFAB helps you establish correct budgeted hourly rates for individual work centres and monitors their relevance so you can see the actual rates that may differ substantially. All are considered, including utilisation levels, additional shifts, and machines already paid off. ZOOMFAB shows you reality, so you can develop a strategy to keep you competitive and profitable.


Modeling and simulation

ZOOMFAB What if?® is likely the industry's first modelling and simulation tool. Do you want to know what will happen to your revenue and profit when you add or remove shifts, change hourly rates, increase machine utilisation, and sell or purchase new machines? This can be done in any combination, helping you better understand your business and tune the short- or long-term direction. Then, when you have too much work or not enough, use What If? to develop a strategy to handle the circumstances.


Modelling and simulation


Investment timing

The main driver of productivity growth is the capacity to prevent or minimise downtime and to optimise equipment effectiveness. The cost savings associated with real-time production monitoring is therefore obvious. In addition, digital technologies like ZOOMFAB reveal additional machine capacity helping you delay the commitment and rather use the money on other important things. Watching ZOOMFAB machine utilisation, together with the frequency and causes of machine downtime, will help you decide what kind of machine you need and when.