Theoretically, ZOOMFAB® can be deployed in almost any manufacturing sector, but our true strength is in the knowledge of the sheetmetal fabrication industry and the flexible production machinery it uses. And when we talk about true flexibility, there is one machine in particular, which is a true champion. It is the punch laser combination machine. 


When buying such a machine, most potential buyers raise an objection, that there are basically two machines in one, but only one can work at a time… As laser is an add-on feature, and not a cheap one, if one wants to justify such an investment, it is very important that punch and laser are going to be well utilized. 


ZOOMFAB® can show you if your investment was justified and if your next machine should be another combination machine or not.


What else can ZOOMFAB® tell you about the machine? 


COSTS (up-to-the-minute, daily, weekly, monthly and annual projection)

Electricity consumption in kWh (measured)

Highest measured current in A

Cost of consumed energy

Cutting gas (N2 / O2) consumption in m3 (measured)

Cutting gas (N2 / O2) instant flow rate in m3/h (measured)

Cost of cutting gas


REVENUE (up-to-the-minute, daily, weekly, monthly) 

Machine and work centre generated revenue

Machine and work centre generated profit


MACHINE STATUS (in real time and daily, weekly and monthly analytics)

Machine ON

Machine operating

Machine operation interrupted (reason specific)

Machine setup (planned time)

Machine setup (exceeded time)

Machine idle 




Production efficiency % (real-time)

Machine utilization % against the budget (weekly, monthly, specified period)

Number of setups

Average setup time

Total setup time

Number of exceeded setups

Average exceeded setup time

Number of cycles (bending, riveting, forming, etc.)

Maintenance due date

Calibration due date

Remaining warranty period

Machine purchase price

Machine current value

Remaining loan value

Machine recovery rate

Machine details

Machine purchasing history

Machine repair and maintenance history

Machine document management

Machine note taker


Investing in technology represents for the majority of business owners one of the largest investments in their lives. Taking proper care of their assets should be a priority. 


ZOOMFAB® provides users with up-to-the-minute information about their assets, their value, status, how efficiently they perform and how they contribute to revenue and profit. Everything is there at the click of a button…