Embrace Digital Transformation with low impact solution like ZOOMFAB


Anyone who you ask for a definition on this subject will give you a complex and ambiguous answer which often lacks a simple and clear explanation of what this entails and what are the benefits to a metal fabricating job-shop like yours. 

Wikipedia defines the “Industry 4.0” as a strategy which has been invented by the German government with the help of “founding fathers” like Robert Bosch GmbH and German Academy of Science and Engineering. The way this strategy is promoted and embraced by the machine manufacturers, governments and academics, one has to see, that despite its validity, all focus so far was directed at big business, which represents no more than 20% of the industry. More importantly, the machine manufacturers see this being an opportunity to hook on their customers offering them magic technology configured into Smart Factory which will make their biggest headaches go away…

The truth is, that even without the German invention, we have already entered the 4th Industrial Revolution, which is a natural progression in human development. It seamlessly follows on the 3rd Industrial Revolution which commenced in the 70’s and was characterized by implementation of electronics and IT, allowing development of more complex automation. The 4th Industrial Revolution will be characterized by further development of intelligent machines with a high degree of automation. However, what makes this revolution different is an introduction of the connection between physical and digital systems to provide feedback for complex analysis and process correction.

So, in simple words, regardless if we talk about Industry 4.0 or 4th Industrial revolution, the development of machines will continue and it will provide an even higher degree of automation, flexibility, speed, interconnection, machine cooperation and safety. However, what will make businesses more competitive is essentially their ability to adopt new systems for automated shop floor data feedback, complex analysis and real-time correction. This will contribute to:

  • Improving productivity
  • Saving resources (machines and labor)
  • Saving energy
  • Improve environment
  • Make more profit


Industry 4.0  is about better process outcomes. And ZOOMFAB fits this objective extremely well. Easy to install and implement, with no need for terminals or human resources. Explore www.zoomfab.com to find out how you can benefit from embracing Industry 4.0 and become more competitive and profitable.


Intuition is not enough. You need facts. You need ZOOMFAB.