Machine operators and other factory workers know their workplace very well and they will easily notice even the smallest changes in their working environment. So when ZOOMFAB technicians open the machine cabinets and start installing the IoT sensors, employees usually rise their eyebrows in discomfort.

It is therefore very important that company explains its staff the purpose of installing ZOOMFAB. This removes the unnecessary suspicion that the company intent to spy on them.

Correct explanation will result in positive reaction and endorsement as majority of employees like to see that the company is investing in its future and ultimately their job security. And beside their daily routine, employees like to see something new, interesting and exciting.

So take your time and explain the benefits of having ZOOMFAB in your business. 


Topics you can cover should include:

1. ZOOMFAB allows better understanding of machine utilization so the correct operation hourly rates are calculated.

2. ZOOMFAB allows for better understanding of machine performance and reliability so the company can make the right decision when selecting replacement or additional equipment.

3. ZOOMFAB helps identify importance of individual machines, allowing company to evaluate the risks when machines breaks down or run out of capacity.

4. ZOOMFAB helps timing the investment.

5. ZOOMFAB has a unique “What if?” module which allows simulation of different operating scenarios in the factory for the benefit of increasing or decreasing production capacity.

6. ZOOMFAB provides facts, removes excuses and suspicion, encourages honesty, accountability, creates better relationships and improves teamwork.

7. ZOOMFAB improves productivity, reduces use of energy, saves money, helps protect environment


Without ZOOMFAB, company is literally blind and can be only driven by intuition.

Intuition is not enough. You need facts. You need ZOOMFAB.