In recent years, efforts have been made in the industrial world to promote the ideas of CONNECTIVITY and VISIBILITY. Japanese call it Tsunagaruka (making things connectable) and Mieruka (visualization, visual control, or making things visible). 

Their purpose is to connect your machines so you can visualize in real-time their status and activities to manage and improve your factory organization and productivity.

If you are using ERP system, you are already collecting job data including job location, operations completed, remaining operations and work-in-progress. But what about machine status, machine utilization, production efficiency and spare capacity which directly affect the PRODUCTIVITY in your factory? This can’t be done without connecting your machinery and utilizing purpose developed productivity management software. 

ZOOMFAB provides both, CONNECTIVITY and VISIBILITY for your sheetmetal job-shop. It can work in parallel or together with your existing ERP system.

Trying to understand PRODUCTIVITY by walking for hours through the factory is a method of the past. So is manual data collection. Productivity can’t be evaluated by intuition, it needs facts. This is done by installing advanced IIoT sensors on individual production machines so they can collect accurately and in real-time data which is needed for pro-active management and analytics. 

Visibility is the most significant benefit of a connected system. Always on, always ready, this system provides business owners and managers with your up-to-the-minute shop floor situation. 

What exactly is happening on your shop floor right now? What has happened during the day? The answer is there 24/7 from any device user connectivity via the Internet.

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