In 2020 we added to ZOOMFAB® What If?® module, a truly unique, innovative and intelligent tool, which allows simulation of variety of production scenarios. Tool has 3 key functionalities:

  1. Based on actual machine utilization, What If?® provides a complete overview of projected annual revenue and profit for individual machines, group of machines (workcentre) and the whole factory. It also shows in what proportion individual machines contribute to workcentre profit, or loss.

  2. What If?® analyses the Actual and Budgeted machine utilization and provides direct comparison of projected yearly revenue and profit between them.

  3. As a reaction to projected revenue differences between Budget and Actual figures, users can simulate number of possible actions they can take to correct the situation and improve the profit. They include:
        • Increasing or decreasing working hours of individual machines or entire work centers
        • Increasing or decreasing utilization of individual machines or entire work center
        • Buying or selling machine
        • Increasing or decreasing hourly rates

All above scenarios can be combined, to reflect the complexity of production changes. For instance, buying or selling machines would have an effect on utilisation and working hours of other machines. Similarly, new costs will have an effect on hourly rates. 


what if analytics module to simulate business scenarios


What If?® provides complete picture of what would happen when one would execute the changes for real.

User can immediately see the effect of decisions which can have a serious if not disastrous impact on the business. It can also see immediately where money is made and lost.